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December 16, 2013
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{Okay so this is my first Reader insert so bear with me, I hope to be doing more of these so leave me some feedback please :3 }


            Something of My Own [John x Reader x Dave]


    Your name is [Full Name], and you are currently enrolled in Sburb University.

    The only reason why you were able to even go to school there was because you had a scholarship, otherwise you would have never been able to afford it.

    You were, excuse the phrase, “dirt poor” you could only afford new clothes every once in a blue moon. The rest of your clothes were hand-me-downs. But it didn’t stop at just clothes, almost everything you owned was a hand-me-down.

    You didn’t complain about it though, because at least you had something, right?

    It’s a good thing that you were one smart cookie otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to go to school with your high school crush, John Egbert. You didn’t care how dorky he seemed, that was just your type (nerds need to stick together right.) and you thought he was just adorable with those buck teeth, and those glasses, and oh that raven black hair, you were a sucker for the dark hair.

    You were friends with just about everyone, but you were closer to Rose and Dave.

    Dave was just so chill and he made awesome beats, he hoped to become a famous DJ someday. You felt comfortable around him, and to him you were pretty cool for a smart person. You had known him since sophomore year in high school, which is why you were able to put up with his “ironically cool” attitude.

    Rose was so polite and mature, she adored you just like a sister. She always had your back and helped you out when you were in a pinch. You’d known her since elementary school so you were super tight and told each other all of your secrets.


    You were about halfway through your first year of college majoring in [insert major].

    At this moment you were sitting at an outside lunch table with Dave, Rose, John, and Jade. It was just your luck that Dave and John were bros, this gave you the perfect chance to spend more time with your bucked toothed crush.

            That’s when Dave decided it would be a great time to embarrass the crap out of you, by telling the whole table how he scared the pants off of you the other day.

You were a really jumpy person, someone could scare the bejesus out of you just by saying something if you didn’t know they were there. Dave just seemed to love telling embarrassing stories about you and he said the look on your face was just “priceless”.


            You were at your house and Dave had come over to show you some of his newest “sick beats” since you had very good taste in music and were very honest about it Dave always went to you to get your opinion on them. If you liked his beats it meant that they were really good and he completely trusted your judgment.

            You had your headphones on listening to his newest creation, and Dave was sitting on your bed waiting for you to finish and give him your opinion.

“Hey do you have any Juice?” Dave asked.

            You already knew he meant apple juice

“Yeah, there should be some in the fridge…somewhere. Help yourself.” You waved a hand to him engrossed in the music.

            Dave got up off of your bed and walked down the stairs, leaving your bedroom door wide open like he always does. ‘Geez was he raised in a barn.’ You thought after watching him leave and then turned your full attention back to his music playing on your laptop screen.

            Lately Dave’s beats had been different from his usual “I don’t give a shit” strider attitude. They were either about love or loneliness, and you wondered if there was something weighing on his mind lately. As you listened to this song, it was an upbeat love song about sweeping the girl of his dreams off of her feet. The tempo of the music really got to you and soon you were dancing and bobbing up and down in your seat. You put your arms in the air and started swaying back and forth with your eyes closed. That’s when you leaned back in your chair. You had completely forgotten you weren’t alone in the house.

“I take it you like-“

    Jumping up from the voice that startled you, you let out a high pitched scream. You opened your eyes quickly only to be blinded by a bright flash.

“Dave…you did not just…” you sat their blinking rubbing the spots from your vision.

“Oh I soo did.” He smirked his signature Strider smirk, which was a very small smirk.

--~End Flashback~--

            And right now he was showing off a picture of you with your eyes and mouth wide open like a fish out of water.

Embarrassment flooded your cheeks and you reached to snatch his phone from his grasp.

“Delete it Dave!” you yelled reaching over the table when he leaned back a bit.

“What? Heck no its way to funny!” he held the phone up and just out of your reach teasing you a bit.

            You have been trying to get him to delete it since he first took it, even bugging him on pesterchum didn’t work, and you were never fast enough to snatch his phone from him.

            Everyone at the table was bursting with laughter, both from the picture and your pathetic attempts to delete said picture. Even john was laughing and you couldn’t help the flush darkening in your cheeks.


Dave POV

            I couldn’t help but embarrass the shit out of [Name], it was just too easy. Plus I enjoyed the way her cheeks turned a light shade of pink when I did. And because of my shades I could take in her flustered appearance and no one would know any better.

    [Name] was leaning across the table towards me reaching for the phone that I kept just out of her reach, she really did look adorable when she was angry. It really helped to be tall.

    The only reason I liked to embarrass her was because I had secretly fallen head over heels for her. It just sort of happened, one day somewhere between Junior and Senior year in high school I just realized what my feeling for [Name] really were. She is just so perfect to me in every way, even her flaws were perfect to me.

    But because it wasn’t cool for a Strider to be all gaga in love with a girl, I just started picking on her. It was the only way I thought I could keep my cover, and my cool.

    There was just one tensy problem, I had found out from Rose that [Name] had a crush on John, my best bro. That kind of chiz could really hurt the Strider ego.

“David Elisa-“[Name] started to yell at me but I quickly interrupted.

“Don’t you dare.” I glared at her through my shades.

“You delete it right now, or I won’t look over any more of your beats.” She pouted crossing her arms, which made her look completely adorable.

    I sighed and pressed the delete button, I really couldn’t risk not having her reviewing my beats. It was also an excuse to hang out with her.

“There, don’t get your panties in a wad, geez.” I grumbled.

            [Name] sat down breathing a sigh of relief. I saw her glance over at John and a deep blush rose to her cheeks as she watched John, who was still laughing.

            ‘What would it take to get you to look at me like that?’ he thought.



So here it is the first chapter of my first reader insert ever!!
I plan for this to be at least 4 chapters long with two different endings.

You=you(for now ;3)
:iconpervydaveplz::iconpervyjohnplz: = :iconandrewhussieplz:
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